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Don Winchesters Piano Tuning is here to help.

You love playing, learning, teaching, or listening to music. Keep the sound flowing and the music going with our piano services. We offer tuning, restoration, rebuilding, and repair services.


Qualified piano service technician Don Winchester has professionally tuned and repaired instruments since 1999. Don is an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) and a KCRG A-List winner for 2014.

We restore vintage pianos.

A vintage or player piano is not only a treasure, but a piece you should showcase. Display your investment in its fully

functional form.

We restore pianos.

Tune, restore, and repair


Bring in the


An out of tune piano has a flat, off-pitch sound. Welcome the on-target sound of perfectly pitched piano music with our piano tuning services.

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We offer true convenience.

We're happy to work in your home. Just give us a call and we'll visit your home or business to tune your piano or assess

a repair.

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your vintage or modern piano.

Advantages of Restoring Your Piano Over Purchasing a New One.

  • Brand new piano at a third of the cost of less of buying retail

  • Good for another 30 years without major overhaul again

  • Your piano will sound better than new with the advantages of aged wood.  Aged wood gives better tonal quality

  • Keep your family heirloom for generations to come

  • By restoring your piano at a fraction of the cost opposed to purchasing a different new or used piano